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This may be our most political statement ever.

We believe in fostering diversity, inclusivity and tolerance to drive progress in society. We take the view that laws and regulations should reflect the state of progress and acceptance that we should aspire to and work towards.

Okay, that’s just a fancy way of expressing our view that the ban on keeping cats in HDB flats is outdated and ridiculous and does nothing to stop tens of thousands of HDB residents from keeping cats or promote responsible pet ownership. Imposing an outright “kthxbye” or “sorry cannot” ban on keeping cats in HDB flats shuts down conversations we should be having to keep our cats safe and healthy while maintaining harmonious living among neighbours. Cats and responsible cat owners should not be at the mercy of neighbours who detest cats or, worse still, use the presence of cats to wage their personal vendetta.

Just as outdated and ridiculous is the existence of Section 377A of the Penal Code which criminalises acts of “gross indecency” between men. Criminalising consensual and private male homosexual conduct is unfairly gender-specific and goes against the principle of equality of all persons before the law.

Life is difficult enough as it is. Let’s allow more love and freedom in private spaces, whether it pertains to housing cats or showing affection or just doing what we love. This is especially when most of us have slogged so hard to purchase public housing, effectively contributing to our stellar 90% home ownership rates in Singapore. Most of us are obedient and down-to-earth Singaporeans who work hard to contribute to our economy and our superior global rankings. Give us the freedom to choose who we can come home to, and what we can do with our loved ones when we come home.

This photograph may not sit well with his colleagues at the Ministry of National Development.

We also believe that laws that are actively unenforced should be abolished. Maintaining the position that these laws would not be proactively enforced through conducting enforcement raids is no assurance at all. Lifting the ban on keeping cats in HDB flats would really make MP house visits less awkward (see above), and repealing the antiquated Section 377A would serve to protect our liberties as Singapore citizens.

This Valentine’s Day, we want to show our love to selected groups of people by conducting a giveaway! We will send you a product of your choice (because #prochoice, yo) if you are

  1. a pet guardian (we’ll leave the HDB dog ownership restriction issues for another day);
  2. who identifies yourself as LGBT+; and
  3. lives in an HDB flat.

What do you have to do?

  1. Send us a photo of you + pet and share your LGBT+ story with us. You can repost and tag us if you are #outandproud, or just send us privately if you’re a little shy.
  2. Feel free to also drop us a line (or an entire essay) of what love means to you, because resources are limited but love is not, and there can never be enough mushy words to go around.
  3. Let us know the product of your choice and your HDB mailing address.
  4. No content will be reproduced without #consent.
Humboldt penguins at ZSL London Zoo celebrate Pride (Image by ZSL London Zoo)

Sorry heteronormative people and our favourite landlord, but we respectfully disagree. Also, sorry if the heading is clickbait and you read all the way hoping for a freebie only to realise you don’t qualify. Happy Valentine’s Day ???

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