About Us


We aim to promote and educate pet owners on raw feeding as the optimal diet for our beloved carnivorous pets, and inspire people to make better informed choices in pet care. 


Our story began when our founder crossed paths with @babycakestheragdoll, a lovely kitten with an even lovelier spirit! Babycakes suffered from megacolon at a tender age, which resulted in chronic constipation and a complete loss of appetite. On the brink of death and in a lot of pain, with his development also impeded by his medical condition, his chances of leading a healthy life seemed depressingly slim. At nine months old, he remained the size of a 3-month-old cat. Humans caring for him thought he would stay an accidental teacup cat all his life.

Raw feeding gave him a new lease of life, however, and has transformed him from a sickly 500-gram kitten to the handsome and muscular >5000-gram cat that he is today! He has since made a full recovery and looks forward to his meal times every day. You can read the detailed version of his story here.

Despite the rough start he has had in life, Babycakes has always been and remains a gentle, loving and considerate cat who is curious about the world. His tenacity and fighting spirit has won the hearts of many and continuously inspires our founder to appreciate the little things in life (such as healthy bodily functions), express her love for people in sweet, thoughtful ways (he follows her around, comforts her when she is sad and never wakes her up, even when he is hungry) and live life to the fullest (he is always trying his best, even in the face of misery). Delighted by the wonders that a raw diet has worked on her beloved Babycakes, our founder hopes to pay it forward by promoting and making accessible, wholesome and bioavailable food for cats and dogs, thereby allowing pet owners to be better equipped in making informed decisions on pet care.

As pet owners, we have the responsibility of ensuring the wellness and safety of our pets. Given our urban landscape, our house pets are completely reliant on us to provide them with the best diet and living conditions that we can offer. We believe that diet is the cornerstone of good health (for pets and owners alike!). Better informed dietary choices can help circumvent problems of allergies, itchy skin and low immune systems. This is why we at Claws and Effect strive to provide an alternative to commercial diets, and aim to make raw feeding more commonplace and accessible to busy pet parents. In time to come, when cats and dogs are on a well-balanced raw diet (as close to the food nature has intended for them to eat!), we hope to see happier and healthy cats and dogs with less cases of obesity, skin issues and kidney diseases.

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