Hi everyone! It has been a few good months since the launch of our brand, and we thank you for all the support you have shown us thus far!

I have shared briefly about the story of our muse and my motivations for starting this business, but I thought it would be apt to share in further detail my personal reasons for embarking on this journey of bringing Claws & Effect to life (as many of you have asked)!


The goal of most raw diets is to replicate what Mother Nature intended for your domestic carnivore to eat. (Photo: Markus Burkle on Unsplash)

Having witnessed the benefits of raw feeding first-hand, I wanted to promote what I believed in: that a raw, species-appropriate diet is key to maximizing the health of our beloved furry companions. I wished to inform pet owners about the alternatives available, but I was apprehensive about promoting raw feeding as a mere individual. I did not want to appear preachy or judgmental about the choices pet owners made for their pets, but I wished for others to witness how raw food could turn the lives of many animals around. By starting this business, I hope to have a more powerful voice to promote raw feeding shamelessly.


Would you spare your free time chopping and portioning raw meat in the kitchen? (Photo: Inigo De la Maza on Unsplash)

Another reason for starting this brand was to make raw feeding more accessible to the masses. Some of us are uncomfortable with touching raw meat and slimy organs. Most of us are often too busy accomplishing 90878790 things in one day and hitting 234234234 milestones in our lives to take the time out to learn the principles of raw feeding and prepare meals for our pets. We can hardly find time to cook for ourselves, and would likely be too exhausted to spend time purchasing, chopping and portioning raw meat for our pets after a long day at work or in school. Given the finity of resources, any limited spare time to be had would probably be better spent playing and bonding with our furry companions, rather than slaving away in and cleaning the kitchen. Thus, I wanted to offer a convenient option for pet parents to be able to raw feed their pets easily regardless of their schedule. 


Empowering ourselves to make more informed decisions about pet welfare improves the lives of our furry companions. (Photo: Jamie Street on Unsplash)

There is no doubt that raw feeding remains and is likely to remain an alternative form of diet for our pet carnivores in our modern society. As consumers, we have been endlessly bombarded with advertisements of the best high-quality pet food that comes in the form of kibble or canned food, or scared witless about the dangers of bacteria. We have come to identify highly processed, carbohydrate-rich biscuits or heavily processed canned food filled with binders as the optimal diet for our carnivorous pets. We are increasingly taking on a less active role in determining what is best for our pets, relying instead on the expert advice of pet food companies and veterinarians.

Through offering information and resources for raw feeding and pet welfare, we hope to empower pet owners to make better decisions with regards to bettering the lives of our pets (and our lives). We wish to start pet owners questioning what is best for themselves and their pets, and maximise our ability to improve our quality of life through better research and better informed lifestyle choices.

As human beings, we are awarded a great deal of personal autonomy. On the other hand, our pet animals, removed from their natural habitat and bred in captivity based on characteristics we deem favourable, are unable to consent or make informed decisions (although they are able to exhibit personal tastes and preferences!). Our pet animals are completely dependent on us and the choices we make for them. Thus, the onus lies on us, as pet guardians, to exceed the basic needs of and provide the best for our pet children. 

We also hope that taking a closer look at your pets’ diet would impel owners to better examine their own diet and lifestyle, and take better care of their own health. Instead of eating mindlessly, we ought to be better acquainted with our food. Whether you decide to eat a wholesome salad or skip dinner and head straight to dessert, we ought to own our decisions and understand the long-term impact of our diet choices.



The last reason is, perhaps, the most personal. 

I was lucky to have met Babycakes at an opportune time. My family moved to a bigger place, and I had just returned from overseas and was adjusting to life back in Singapore. I would never have expected myself to adopt a Ragdoll cat, they often seemed too pretty and prissy for me as compared to their more gung-ho counterparts roaming the streets. Yet Babycakes’ life story resonated with me. He has exhibited invaluable strength in his gentle and tolerant ways, and has taught me numerous lessons about life and loss. He is a wonderful cat with the perfect balance of an unbeatable fighting spirit and endearing forbearance, and I am always thankful to have crossed paths with him.

Babycakes is a genetically compromised cat born with one kidney and one testicle. Given his rough start in life, I would not be surprised if he were to develop further medical issues sooner than an average cat. In fact, when he first came into my life, the first thing I would do after waking up was to look around for him, just to make sure that he was still alive. (I no longer have to do so nowadays because he comes up to cuddle with me when I stir in bed.)  

As his guardian, I wish to maximize the quality of his life as best as I can. I wish to make up for however he fell short in the genetics department in his diet, to allow him to thrive and function in his daily life as best as he can. At the same time, I understood that such desires were not unique to me alone, but were common among all doting pet parents. Thus, I thought it fit to immortalize Babycakes in a brand name, and pay forward the wisdom and courage that Babycakes have very generously imparted to me. 

What are some of the reasons you started raw feeding? Or started your own brand/business/current journey? We’d love to hear from you!

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