Raw-Friendly Veterinarians in Singapore

Disclaimer: This database serves as a reference for pet guardians who wish to seek a raw-friendly veterinarian, and is not an endorsement for any of the veterinarians or clinics listed below. Some of these vets may be advocates of raw feeding, while others may simply not be opposed to raw feeding.

The list is sorted by region, followed by alphabetical order of the clinic name.


Dr. Dawn Wong
Dr. Deng Yu Jia
Singapore Veterinary Animal Clinic
Block 768, Woodlands Avenue 6, Woodlands Mart
Singapore 555970
Has other vets who support raw feeding


Dr. Gwenda LoweBrighton Vet Care
74 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555970
Has a branch at Bukit Timah
Dr. Kitty HuangFuriends Veterinary Clinic
211B Punggol Walk, Punggol Ripples
Singapore 822211
Has a vet tech who feeds raw to her 5 pets
Dr. Dymphna OverwijnHillside Veterinary Surgery
787A Upper Serangoon Rd
Singapore 534655


Dr. Gwenda LoweBrighton Vet Care
611 Bukit Timah Rd
Singapore 269712
Has a branch at Serangoon Gardens
Dr. Lee Yee LinGentle Oak Veterinary Clinic
Block 21 Ghim Moh Rd
#01-225, Singapore 270021
Dr. Geetha NellinathanThe Cat Clinic
Block 109, Clementi Street 11
#01-33, Singapore 120109
Dr. Felicia LuVet Practice
Main Branch:
21 Lorong Kilat
Sun Court, #01-04
Singapore 598123

Holland Branch:
Blk 31 Holland Close #01-219
Singapore 270031

We believe that pet guardians (or everyone for that matter) should be supported for our lifestyle choices based on informed decision making. Please let us know if your veterinarian is supportive or not against raw feeding, so that we can further benefit the raw feeding community.

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